My new project...

Here's my most recent art project. :)
I know it's not really that good. But I am hoping to get better!
I really love Manga and Anime art. It kinda brings out the little child in me.
I know... I know... This probably doesn't count for any of those categories.
 But, I am hoping to start doing more of that on my computer this summer. *yay*


Love you all!
<3 Josephine Jane

P.s. I'll try to actually write up some posts.. 
I've been busy with school, so I've been focusing most of my time on that.
Love you!

One girl revolution...

Shall we try something artsy?
"So it' against the world todayI'm gonna do it my own wayAnd though nobody understandsI'm gonna make a one girl standIt's not Independence DayI can't waste time on what they sayIf we believe when we have faithWe're gonna change the world someday"-Me against the world-  {SuperChick}

Love you all!
 -Josephine Jane

My Art Endeavors...

As I was rummaging through boxes in my closet I found some of my old art projects, I thought I should share. hehe I just love all kinds of art! Painting, photography, drawing, cartoons, and many more!

One of my favorites

It's an elf! ;)

Are you into art? if so, what kind?

Leave a comment below! I love hearing for you. :)

Love you,
<3 Josephine Jane

Dear Monday, I hate/love you...

I've got on my age old Monday face..... 

"I'm wide awake"  ;)

Love you,
-Josephine Jane 

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